And Who Said Running A Dive Centre Was Easy?

By Simon Bell, Dive Operations Manager

I think I might have said that once, but never again.  With an IDC well under way, new Divemaster interns about to start, new Instructors being recruited and Easter holidaymakers still arriving in their droves, the only place to escape has been… yes you’ve guessed it… underwater!

Sadly, the escape doesn’t last for long, because eventually you’ve got to get out of the water and face the realities of the day.  I.e. the Blackberry.

The inbox pings every few minutes with customer requests, but amongst the standard, welcomed enquiries are the emails from people who want to know what diving there is to do around the North of Spain (er, we’re in the South).

Then there’s the certified divers who give you every minute detail of their diving history, including the exact model of their computer and its capabilities for gas mix switching (even though they’ve only signed up for a gentle shallow reef dive to 18 metres max).

And then there’s the diver who wants to see a Whale Shark. (Wrong sea I’m afraid).

A Blackberry: Thankfully not waterproof
A Blackberry: Thankfully not waterproof

There just never seems to be a dull moment, as something always needs to be done. The vans are about to be completely re-sign-written in pretty fish and all the appropriate logos, but we’re too busy to take them off the road.

I also need to study for my PADI IDC Staff Instructor course, but I have to fit in revision for my exams and presentations with prepping the DMs… and a client’s just left his shoes in one of the vans and needs them to be dropped off at his hotel.

The thing is though, I wouldn’t change it for the world…