Just The Start Of Things To Come

By Simply Diving IDC Staff Instructor Jenny Pritchard

Introductions then! For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Jenny. I have been a PADI Instructor for four years, diving for eight years and I am the newest full-time member of the Simply Diving team.

Meet Team Simply's IDC Staff Instructor Jenny King!
Meet Team Simply's IDC Staff Instructor Jenny King!

I arrived on the sunny Costa del Sol of southern Spain this time last year and worked freelance for the team last season, finishing off by completing my PADI IDC Staff Instructor course. I also witnessed the birth of two brand new Instructors, Ally and Dan, who will be returning this year as well. It was such an experience, that I’ve decided to do it all again this year!

So, introductions over. To the important stuff! The beginning of the busy season is nearly here… kit has been serviced, stock replenished and paperwork is neatly stacked (thanks to Si!) And so we are ready to go!

You’ll be pleased to hear that the viz is finally back to normal after the ridiculous amount of rain that we have seen over the winter, the sun is shining and Team Simply is bigger and stronger than ever!

Good viz and tons of fish. Must be Springtime!
Good viz and tons of fish. Must be Springtime!

Already this year we’ve had a mix of certified divers of all levels of experience, PADI Open Water Diver courses, Advanced Open Water courses AND we’ve seen masses of octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, shoals of sardines, cow bream, the list is endless!

Oh and Simon has even seen a 3ft squid with his brand new divers a few days ago, which he took great pleasure in telling me about since it was my day off!

And that’s just the start of things to come! Hope to see you underwater here in Spain soon…

See ya!