A Degree of Hard Work at Uni of Diving

By Simply Diving Divemaster Trainee Kat Thorpe

Hi everyone! As it’s coming to the end of the busiest part of the summer season here at Simply Diving and on the Costa del Sol, it’s the perfect opportunity to share my summer experiences with you all…

I’m currently studying History at Nottingham University and during my three month break I set out on the adventure of the PADI Divemaster internship at 5 Star PADI IDC centre Simply Diving in Spain.

I must admit, coming from university where the toughest things we have to face are six hours of lectures per week and £1.50 shots at the student bar, the physical labour and odd 14 hour shift of life in the dive industry was definitely a shock to the system!

Kat explores Las Calderas wreck in the national marine park of Tarifa
Kat explores Las Calderas wreck in the national marine park of Tarifa

However, don’t get me wrong. The early mornings and late nights have one hundred percent been worth it. The people I have met and the terrific diving I have experienced will stick with me forever. The PADI Divemaster training is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Dragging out 14-stone fellow Divemaster Trainee Jake from the sea as part of a PADI Rescue course scenario and consequently collapsing to my knees was a highlight. Kind of.

I also can’t forget the experience of being dragged to the surface by an out-of-air diver while trying to offer him my alternate air source during a boat dive in Tarifa. Certainly one I learnt a lot from!

However not all dives have been as stressful as this of course. From floating around with turtles in Tarifa to the many wrecks of Gibraltar, all experiences have added to my diving adventure and experience. And who can forget seeing my first ever Ocean Sunfish at Marina del Este?!

The three months I have spent here have gone uncontrollably quick, yet the progress I have made is something to be proud of. The other day, I even got to guide my own Dad on a few fun dives. Which was a bit weird as he was the one who introduced me to diving in the first place! Nice bit of role reversal there…

Kat and fellow DM Trainee Rhia about to set off on another day's diving
Kat and fellow DM Trainee Rhia about to set off on another day's diving adventure

It’s not just the diving that will stick with me as I leave Spain’s sunny Costa del Sol either. The people I have met here have made this internship worthwhile – Simon, Natasha and Divemasters Rhia, Jake and Carl, plus all the other instructors and DMs that have helped me to complete my PADI Divemaster course – they have all made the time I’ve spent here an amazing three months.

Although this week I’m sadly leaving the Simply Diving shop behind to begin my second year at university, I won’t be forgetting the great bunch of people I’ve met here and will without a doubt be back to dive more.

And if there’s turtles involved, then even better!