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  • Climbing The Final Rung

    Climbing The Final Rung

    By Simon Bell, Simply Diving Dive Operations Manager It feels like a lifetime and a half away when I first learnt to float through inner space, blowing my virgin bubbles and marvelling at creatures I had only met before in books, on the tele or through a cheap, steamed-up mask on a childhood snorkelling adventure […]

  • Simply the Best Experience Ever!

    By Simply Diving Divemaster Rhia Keene Hey Everyone. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly six months went, but sadly it’s the end of my Divemaster internship here at Simply Diving! First things first… I have to say what a great team I’ve been working with for the last half year, from all the Instructors, to […]

  • A Degree of Hard Work at Uni of Diving

    By Simply Diving Divemaster Trainee Kat Thorpe Hi everyone! As it’s coming to the end of the busiest part of the summer season here at Simply Diving and on the Costa del Sol, it’s the perfect opportunity to share my summer experiences with you all…

  • Living the dream

    By Simply Diving Divemaster Trainee Rhia Keene To introduce myself… my name is Rhia Keene. I’m 23 and in my first month of my PADI Divemaster internship course at Simply Diving. To be honest, I never thought I would be sat here right now writing this blog about how I’m training to be a scuba […]