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  • Climbing The Final Rung

    Climbing The Final Rung

    By Simon Bell, Simply Diving Dive Operations Manager It feels like a lifetime and a half away when I first learnt to float through inner space, blowing my virgin bubbles and marvelling at creatures I had only met before in books, on the tele or through a cheap, steamed-up mask on a childhood snorkelling adventure […]


    By Simply Diving PADI Instructor Dan Nelmes It’s happened. I finally did it. After much hard studying, intense lectures & enough cups of tea to drown an army, I made it to the end and achieved the ultimate goal that anyone who’s anyone in the diving community hopes to be: A PADI Open Water Scuba […]

  • Straight In At The Deep End

    By Simply Diving Instructor Becky Wood Well, it’s a few months now since I arrived here in sunny Spain from Australia, and its been a pretty hectic summer…  so far!  My first day was a big jump into the deep end as there were nine Discover Scuba Divers – not something that we ever came […]

  • From Losing A “Missing Diver” To Finding A “Mola Mola”: A Month In The Life Of A DMT

    By Divemaster Trainee Dan Nelmes I look back every so often and think just how far I’ve come in the short space of time since joining Simply Diving’s team. Who’d have thought that I’d make it to PADI Rescue Diver? And to top it off, going onto the next step as a Divemaster Trainee. It’s […]

  • Say It Loud… OWSI And Proud!

    By Dave Cross, Simply Diving DM and Instructor Candidate I am well chuffed. I have done it. After three months of hard slog and graft I can now call myself a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.