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  • Dive for Debris an Historic Victory

    By Simon Bell, Dive Operations Manager How sad it is to see one of your favourite dive sites – bursting with the most vibrant and diverse species of marine life; steeped in the most fascinating naval history that stretches back literally centuries; accessible to divers of all abilities and experience – turned into a rubbish […]

  • Simply the Best Experience Ever!

    By Simply Diving Divemaster Rhia Keene Hey Everyone. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly six months went, but sadly it’s the end of my Divemaster internship here at Simply Diving! First things first… I have to say what a great team I’ve been working with for the last half year, from all the Instructors, to […]

  • Marine Life Rescued As Divers Come Up Clean

    By Simply Diving PADI Instructor Dan Nelmes HOW’S IT GOING DIVE FRIENDS..? April 24th was a particularly important day for divers. Why, I hear you ask? Because all around the world, divers and dive companies got involved with Project AWARE’s Dive For Earth Day: One of the scuba diving world’s most important days in the […]